ATV Waterfall and Tunnel Bali

ATV Waterfall and Tunnel Bali

Do you want to try muddy ATV quad biking in Bali starting at IDR 400K? Bali Atv quad biking through tunnels and past waterfalls is an unforgettable experience in Bali. Located in the tourist area of Ubud far from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

The Tracks designed to capture the spirit of a traditional Balinese village, combine local elegance and gracious hospitality for an unforgettable experience.

Get wet and amazed with ATV Waterfall and Tunnel Bali

Enjoy about 1.30 hours of riding an All Terrain Vehicle ATV in the stunning Balinese countryside, hop on the quad bike along challenging tracks, up and down trails, muddy fun stunts suitable for all skill levels.

Escorted by an experience guide we explore the beautiful scenery of rice fields, tropical forests, ancient tunnels, rivers, waterfalls, canyons, interact and mingle with local and traditional Balinese villages.

Bali ATV Adventure, 250 cc engine, Fully automatic, easy to drive, Track opens from 08.00 – 15.00. Including

Lockers, towels, changing room shower facilities are provided, boots and other safety equipment are provided and of course insurance is covered.



Do you love challenging activities, a thrilling bike ride that takes courage, and will pump up your adrenaline, then you would love our ATV Waterfall and Tunnel Bali. Here, you will get an adventure trip with the Quad bike ATV that will take you through the lush jungle, green rice terraces field, long trek caving, through the waterfall and muddy river, experience the ATV adventure with the affordable price only in Kuber camp.

A quad bike or ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) is a vehicle designed to tackle the hardest terrain with ease, such as muddy roads, jungle roads, sandy beaches, cave trekking, and muddy shallow rivers. To ride ATV is similar to riding a motorcycle, so if you can ride a motorcycle, you can ride an ATV, however, if you need some directions and practice, our guide will surely help you.

Best ATV Waterfall and Tunnel Bali

ATV Waterfall and Tunnel Bali

With our ATV Waterfall and Tunnel Bali, we will make sure that you will have a ton of amazing experiences, adventuring through the jungle as you have never seen before. We will make sure that you will have the most impressive experiences when trying out and riding on the Bali Quad Bike.

If you are looking for challenges and something to boost your adrenaline, then this is what you need. We also offer you lessons, and practice accompanied by our local professional tour guide and instructor.
We offer you adventure through the jungle, cave, and waterfall, with 1 – 2 hours on a quad bike driving through the terrain. From the starting point at Kuber camp, the driveway through the jungle of Ubud forest, to the rice terraces all around Ubud, and the waterfall, cave trekking. The road is muddy and extreme, so it will surely be a challenge for you.
The Bali ATV Trek will through the beautiful Bali scenery, lush green forest, waterfall, jungle, rice paddy terraces, and cave. Approximately, the trek will be around 10 Kilometers of jungle trek, including the cave tour, and waterfall tour.

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